We use many different technologies in our quest to deliver industry beating leads to our partners. As technology evolves so to do our business processes and marketing activities to ensure that we constantly deliver the best value possible.

Search Engine Marketing

We run many large scale pay per click campaigns in many different niches. We run these campaigns across the biggest traffic drivers such as Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter & Yahoo Search Marketing. This enables us to generate vast quantities of highly targeted traffic to our websites and landing pages, which we then convert in to verified new business leads for our clients.

Search Remarketing

This technology enables us to advertise to visitors who came to our site but didn’t convert into a lead. We use large display advertising networks along with effective banner adverts to draw these visitors back to the site and get them to convert. Chasing up these unconverted visitors ensures we get the maximum ROI from each traffic channel that we utilise.

Search Engine Optimisation

In house SEO teams focus on sustainable link building campaigns and well optimised websites all day long. Having experience across many different niches ensures the team know exactly what is working and how to replicate it. This helps to ensure a constant flow of organic search traffic arrives at all of our websites and landing pages each day.

Email Marketing

Opt in email lists are built and maintained for each niche we operate in. This means that we always have an ongoing source of leads for all niches enabling us to generate bulk lead deals for new clients. Our dedicated email marketers ensure the lists are kept healthy and responsive by limiting the number of sends to the lists and building trust through non commercial email updates.

Display Advertising

Reaching the maximum audience possible in every niche we target is our primary focus. Display advertising and large media buys allow us to expand beyond the keyword based targeting of search campaigns and go direct for the demographic that we know is most interested in the specific products.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Our talented designers and creative copywriters work together to constantly create new versions of all our websites and landing pages. Using complex multi variant testing and analysis software the highest converting designs are chosen and taken forward for further improvement. We never settle for a high conversion rate, it can always be improved.

Lead Cleansing

The advanced system we use to capture and store each lead ensures that only the highest quality leads are delivered to our customers. This happens in real time via multiple channels as decided by the customers. Some such options are: instant email, daily total email via an Excel spreadsheet, our supplied CRM portal, direct post into your chosen CRM system – and many more.

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